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We Help You Look Beyond Play Counts & Ad Impressions

Thrillbox is an immersive media analytics platform. We provide distribution tools for content generators, advertising agencies, vendors, and networks. Our patent-pending methods are platform and device agnostic and allow us to acquire, aggregate, and analyze audience behavior within immersive media like spherical video or Virtual Reality games.

Measure the Performance
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Tools to help you every step of the way

Access audiences using our spherical video player for mobile devices or head mounted displays. Control your content and empower your audience with our web based spherical video player which can be easily integrated into existing websites or applications. Own and operate your own immersive media distribution platform with ease.
Acquire immersive behavioral data to have a better understanding of audience engagement and content performance. In addition to the playback data you're used to, Thrillbox provides glance and gaze data that can even be correlated to specific objects in your immersive environment. Learn what interests your audience.
Aggregate behavioral data from audience participation to enable content generators, distributors, and advertisers to have a better understanding of their audience. Keep concerns of storage, security, and analysis off your mind. We'll handle that and provide more accurate insights as a result.
Analyze audience interaction using empirical behavioral data. Our analytics dashboard gives you the ability to visualize key performance indicators and measure your content's value. We do the data science so you can focus on growing your audience.
Activate further audience participation with a better understanding of their exposure within immersive content. Our analyses generate data that enables participating platforms to modify their placement offering based on audience engagement.

Let's Jumpstart the Experiential Economy

Immersive Behavioral Data Analytics Benefit the Entire Industry

360 Video Producers

Learn the empirical value of your content and identify a revenue-generating strategy. Traditional viewing analytics are insufficient for 360 video. Spherical video producers need to be able look beyond clicks and play counts in order to better understand their craft and their audience. Distribute content on your own terms. Our tools will get you started.

Ad Agencies

VR is hot, but audience engagement and brand performance analytics for immersive content are vital to validate the funding of cutting edge productions. Generate data to measure current performance and influence future client campaigns using the Thrillbox distribution and analytics tools. Provide KPI’s using our system to track specific products within the content.


Immersive media empowers your audience using the technology they have in their pocket. Thrillbox integration empowers audiences with ubiquitous access to immersive media, while enabling complete control over advertising validation and revenue sources. Remove the barriers to adoption that inhibit mass adoption of your immersive media.

Game Development

The analysis of behavioral data will play a key role in influencing future design and development of immersive games. Understand the behavior of end users and enable designers and developers with the proper data to generate better experiences, validate them, and even profit from successful design. Tools for Unity and Unreal Engine capture systems coming soon.

Custom Deployments

VR is coming and you need to value content the right way. Generate valuable immersive media content that's cool and valuable with our cross platform systems that can be modified to meet your needs. Have more than a "VR Project", have a strategy. Work with us to integrate and deploy a custom system that is tailored for your audience.

Beta Release Coming Soon

Interested in utilizing our robust immersive behavioral analytics platform for your next big release? Let's set up a meeting.

We are currently working with select partners for our beta release early 2016.

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Thrillbox technology selected to distribute 360 video highlights and virtual tour of International Space Station.